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Diffusion Database (Kakusan)


The Diffusion Database aims to cover all the basic diffusion data of metallic and inorganic materials mainly from the literature sources. The database consists of “diffusion data” and “reference data”. Currently the system primarily contains information of pure metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics and intermetallics.

You can compare your data with the data stored in the “KAKUSAN” database in the Arrhenius plot graph.

The numbers of data: Diffusion data: 19,840, References: 5,138 (Jul. 2018)

1. Diffusion data

  • Symbols
    (a) D=D0*exp(-Q/RT)
    D: diffusion coefficient (m2/s), D0: diffusion constant (frequency factor) (m2/s)
    Q: activation energy (kJ/mol), (1eV=96.5 kJ/mol)
    R: gas constant=8.31446 J/(mol*K), T: absolute temperature (K)

    (b) P=s*δ*D(gb) (m3/s)
    P: grain boundary diffusivity (m3/s), s: segregation factor
    δ:grain boundary width (m), D(gb): grain boundary diffusion coefficient (m2/s)

    (c) others
    D(itd): interdiffusion coefficient, D(itr): intrinsic diffusion coefficient

  • Abbreviations
    AES: Auger electron spectroscopy, EPMA: Electron probe micro-analyzer
    FIM: Field ion microscopy, RBS: Rutherford backscattering spectrometry
    SEM: Scanning electron microscopy, SIMS: Secondary-ion mass spectrometry

  • Listed data in the table
    "material", "chemical composition (wt.%, at.%, stoichiometrical expression)", "diffusant", "D0", "Q", "Tmin", "Tmax", "measurement", "reference code", etc.
  • graphical expression of D (Arrhenius plot)

    X Axis1/T (K-1) X2 AxisT (K)
    Y AxisD (m2/s) Y2 AxisL=2√D (m)

    Diffusion coefficientD=D0exp(-Q/RT)
    Diffusion lengthL(t)=2√Dt, L=2√D at t=1s

2. Reference data

  • Listed data in the table
    "title", "authors", "journal name", "affiliation", "the year of issue", "vol.", "page"

What's New

[2019/04/01] The Diffusion Database has been rebuilt and retrieval system has been renewed.
[2005/04/01] The Diffusion Database was moved to a new system.


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